✐ Rudolf Dörrier, Life and Legacy

Rudolf Dörrier, Life and Legacy CONCEPT of Rudolf Dörrier, Life and Legacy

90 minutes documentary about the controversial life of Rudolf Dörrier, who lived in five different periods of German History: The Empire, the Weimar Republic, the Nazi Period, Communist East Germany, and reuinited
Germany. It has recently been uncovered that he belonged to the SS in the Nazi period, by documents found by the historian Dr. Harry Weibel. This documentary is about Rudolf Dörrier ́s life, but also to explore how and why he hid his SS past, as well as the ongoing debate on whether an elementary school named after him, in Pankow, East Berlin, should change its

name. The documentary will also explore right wing populism in present day East Germany, where Rudolf Dörrier was a notable member of the communist party. He received a lot of recognition in East Germany for a book he wrote on the history of the Berlin district “Pankow”, even though his daughter had escaped to the West.

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